Mokoko Seed BUG ... Plz fix it

There is a bug, with the mokoko seed, on Rohendel / in the Realm Of Elementals , Afther you defeat gherdia, i cant break the stone, to reach the last mokoko seed, i allready saw the intare cutsceane, doesnt matther dont even show the HIT in the stone.

It makes me crazy that only i cant take it

Maybe you have to do it another way?

I mean you did say you’re the only one can’t get it so…

It’s like the Blackrose Chapel dungeon where player cannot kill any villager in order to have the door with 3 seeds in it remain open.

You need to wait like 2-3 minutes in the fight until there’s a second cutscene and only then the stones will become breakable.

no in this peticulary case.

i will try this