Mokoko seed in Loghill unreachable

It seems that there’s a bug with one of the Mokoko seeds in Loghill.

If you jump the first time and only get one of the seeds (the one below the tree foliage) but miss the second one (close to the barrier), you cannot jump again to get the second one, and, if you try to get it through the wall, it says that you need to be closer.

Tooltip showing the seed:

No tooltip to jump after the first jump was completed:

Thanks, this has been reported to the team

Can’t you just kill the mob again near the tree to activate the jump again?


Right beside a wall there’s a mob spawn if you kill that mob it should let you jump through the wall again. Killing mob activates the wall basically its not a bug I think it was intended by game like this.


This isn’t a bug im pretty sure. Just kill the golems again and the jump prompt will appear.


It’s not a bug, you can jump in there using the jump mechanic that’ll appear once you kill the nearby mobs

Working fine for me

This isn’t a bug. The tooltip to jump only appears if there’s no mobs around.

Não é um bug.

Mate, kill all the monster near that wall again. Wait a couple seconds and a prompt to jump will show up near the tree. grab 2 mokoko seeds that are inside that small are. :slight_smile:

Welp, idiot me didn’t know the mechanics were enabled after killing the mob in front. It does work after killing it.

My bad :sweat_smile:

Not a bug, you have to kill monsters near you and it unlocks a hidden jump

Thanks. it works for me . But it’s still not the right mechanic.

Yeah I thought this was bugged as well, but after killing a bunch of the golems the Jump spot appeared again. This was making me crazy for a week trying to find it again.