Mokoko seeds are evil!

Its my fault i know!!
All i do, and others ive seen, is scour the edges of the map and around the little bits of land searching for mokoko seeds, rarely taking in the scenery or appreciating the effort put into how mobs look or interesting art choices.
Its an obsession level problem that i manage to stop sometimes… before going straight back to searching.
I need help, support or possibly just more people in this situation to talk to…

What did you write to get deleted lol

Maybe check your IM’s?.. :roll_eyes:

A map is nice but this is just a light hearted thread amongst many angry and upset ones!

Why would ppl be upset/angry, having a map at disposal? lol, whatever… :joy:

Sorry my son started slapping the keyboard while i was editing… Well - i use that to find the seeds etc. leaves you to enjoy the scenery afterwards. Personally i do the gathering first before i start questing in areas.

The site is pressed hard due to heavy load though.

Aerin i was talking about angry and upset threads