Mokoko skins on June 30 @Roxx


Hello, is it possible to get the latest mokoko skins they just get in KR, in the skins selection we will get next week ?

The afro one is lit.





Expect to get em when they make a doodoo again which is soon


I need the afro mokoko :frowning:

how many times do they have to ban you :3

bout tree fiddy.


I like you. No one seems to understand your humor :3

I understand that it is better to have them in a second pack later, but as we don’t know when… It’s better to have all now no ? ^^

Btw we are still waiting for the bikinis skins annoncement @Roxx

No. It’ll be released and considered new content for a month later down the line.

July update ?

no. every time you ask it gets delayed a month.

don’t even want to know the answer, I have a feeling we’re not getting them this summer.

we are going to have them don’t worry, just wait for mid summer

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Lmao see you in august 25th

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roughly mid summer

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It would be nice… but no, we won’t get those skins as they are for a special event in Korea.
But we will get them, eventually.

PS: I do want the one with the afro… lol

july update probably coming in august now at this rate lol

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We’re only getting the OG set unfortunately for now


Hello @Roxx, are we getting skins in our summer event or is it an island like Wild Wing?

are we getting the summer weapon skins though? to match with mokoko outfits :3