Mokomoko Night Market Island Soul

So I just now realised, the new event Island has Island Soul to gain through Una Task.
Is this island permament or limited time?

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some people in KR are still doing dailies on it so i assume it is there to stay

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Thank you. I just read that the Island will be there for over a month so if I start now I will get the soul way earlier.

i think the event it talk about is the yellow quest and not the island itself

The island and Una’s task on it is permanent, only the event is limited time.

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event will be for over month, island forever :slight_smile:

I have completed all dailies reptutation so long ago I forgot MNM had a new one, I probably would have never checked until Elgacia thank you, got 30k silver, working on 60k then the island soul :exploding_head:

I Hope (island) it’s permanent. It probably is. I set 10 character bifrosts there.


Its the absolute best GHL daily. Not even arguable.

+5 with ticket is better! :sweat_smile:

I rather keep my insta tickets for some shitty new dailyes that will come with new continents

This and hope island.
Throwing f5 in feiton and bifrosting back to npc is nice too

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