Monday April 4th and we don't know anything about the roadmap

Will they make us wait until the next week and the roadmap becomes one more patch for the month of April?
This month is the one that decides the future of the game in the short term and all they do is postpone things so that we cannot give our opinion


No matter what they post, the forums will burn down following it, might as well just full send whatever they got planned


Release all classes, release skins, release south vern, nerf honing and release the last material vendors we are missing.

I just fixed the game

Edit: Also revert the gold nerf we have on raid etc


they simply dont know how to manage a game nor how to communicate properly, its not surprising looking how their other “games” and projects went :wink:


How about, you be patient? The last 2 weeks literally started with, WHERE ROADMAP?!?!?
The latest news Roxx posted, said that the roadmap is being finalized. What does that mean?
We most likely get it this week on Friday is my guess.
Just be patient, that’s all. :slight_smile:

New World actually just had a heap of really good changes, and the communication between the new world devs and their community is really good - the only problem is that the game lost nearly 95% of its playerbase before that happened.

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Somebody is full on copium right here


So we know that in 6 months when the game is dead then we can expect a good update lol

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Patient? that roadmap is literally for this month we are 4 days into…


I mean, any time someone asks me if they should play Lost Ark I tell them “not right now, wait 6 months then the game will be much better”

Pretty sure that doing the 412390841293 thread about the road map topic will make AGS/SG release it faster /s

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Yea a roadmap is supposed to be released before the month that its scheduled for

Ofc we do, they are gathering feedback. Haven’t you seen the update post?
But don’t play a drinking game for every time you read feedback in that post…

Maybe, who knows. But if they provided one next week on Wed before the patch comes, people will go ham on them again, no? So it is kinda in their best regard to put one out this week…

You need some hopium

Yeah, we would’ve had that if they didn’t went and start reworking the said roadmap.

It’s kool you can has mine. Lol


He can also have some of mine! :stuck_out_tongue:

we’ll get the april-may roadmap on December 25th. expecting it any sooner is foolish

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Im just gonna say it ags is complete dog shit