Monetisation option suggestion

Hello AGS!

I’m here to suggest a great way for you to milk just a tad bit more money! Are you ready?

Introducing: Lost Ark A->Z pass! Or az pass or ass pass!

So what does it do? Basically, if you have an ass pass, you get put into a different queue for all asses passes! That’s right, you get to SKIP the queue! Only for a low low price of 2000 rainbow crystals* for a 30 day period!

*Must have crystalline aura activated.
**Non-refundable if queues are non existent.
***Character bound, must purchase pass per character created otherwise will not give you priority queueing.
****Premium lounge access across multiple servers with light snacks and refreshment at an additional cost

You’re welcome!

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hey amazon

Its me

A random player

If u want to make even more money bring out a troll ban ticket

Let me and others buy it and then we can use it to ban trolls from the forum + their la acc aswell

Thanks <3

I’m sorry but I feel like you’re suggestion will not pan out. As everyone’s opinion differs of which are posts are trolls and whatnot.

On the other hand, priority passes, express pass, lightning lanes are legitimate money making add-ons that has been proven to be successful. Look at popular theme parks like universal studios and Disney land, popular landmarks etc.