Money back Please Amazon

I’m done. If we are going to be unable to play due to the constant maintenance, particularly during Aussie prime time add time to the subscription. Seems like every time I’m trying to log in lately, the servers are down. Please explain?

There is only 1 solution to this problem, and is to do maintenance while we sleep, while european citizen sleeps so we won’t get mad

you have to realize this is an emergency hotfix maintenance because as you read there was a bug with a dupe/multiplie reward claims. So why should they wait until night ? So 1 million people can abuse this bug and make infinite money? I dont think so.

People have 500+ hours playtime in Lost Ark. Compared to a collective maint of less than 50 hours give or take.

The situation is not as dire as allowing game breaking exploits to fester.

I’m glad they caught this early and are running a maint immediately.

Thank you AGS and Smilegate! Good choice.

Lets be honest Barra. Do you think they care about you guys? They don’t even have servers for you, companies normally base downtime off the most lucrative countries. I’m not trying to be toxic at all, just realistic. I honestly feel for the the Australian/NZ community. I do believe this was a rushed update so that needs to taken into account.

Also AGS is based in America (Irvine California), patching cycles are done at night

Not putting an immediate stop to duping was a huge contributor to the downfall of New World.

Immediately stopping it and removing the items duped is how they have to handle this. This is the way.

I know it sucks, but it’s nice to realize it is so upsetting because this game is fun and we wanna play.

people complain they don’t fix the game - game goes down to be fucked due to a duping glitch - people complain the game is down , at least this game gets fixed unlike wow and other games , people tend to just complain it’s amazon cause of new world I mean if you want your money back your account will get banned so that’s on you but like at least appreciate the fact that the game is being fixed like it’s 12:18 in the morning for me I play eu yeah it kinda sucks I can’t play rn but I’d rather the game get fixed over being broken 24/7 I don’t want a repeat of launch and a unplayable game nor do I want a repeat of dupeworld

Raiding time is getting around 8pm to midnight mostly

maintenance get mostly at 8 am - noon in Paris time. so the morning is fucked up for europeans (7-11 for english, 9 - 13 for slavics)

it happens in 2AM - 6 AM for east coast american = they are fine. and… 11pm-3am for west coast… their primetime get ended earlier.

for australian (lets take sidney time) it is just on the primetime : 6pm to 10pm… totally fucked.

Now, lets say it begins in midnight for you aussies :
2pm-6pm for Paris time => bye afternoon
8AM-midday for east coast = bye morning
5AM-9 AM for west coast = not too bad

tl;dr : time maintenance are world wide… there will always people getting fucked.
And localised maintenance are not the perfect good idea.

AU/NZ arent supported regions, so why should they be concerned wether you can play at a good time or bad? I know how this sounds but its what it is.

Yep…Im guessing the update started again at the usual 2am PT. A lot of pissed off Aussie ATM with the what’s going down, as its the time we are able to supposable log in and get least the dailies done for the night. Yeah…Care factor is zero from Amazon for the Aussie/NZ players

I understand the EU players being frustrated with maintenance times, but you realize that AGS is ran out of California USA? They are taking servers down when they can best support doing so. You take servers down during EU slow times, now you are down on NA prime time, you will never make everyone happy.

well it’s not really that , look at it this way all servers went down for the one reason , there is a dupe in the game and people are doing it they took the server down for a emergency maintenance do you want them to let people dupe until everyone is done playing or take it down asap and get rid of the dupe cause I’d rather there not be a dupe in the game even if it is digging into my play time

People saying emergency hotfix this, maintenance that. What has actually been fixed during any of these super hot fixes?

ya know instead of asking why not google it , like most people and read patch notes , this time it’s a dupe glitch that was found other times it was servers being aids and matchmaking not working etc

People here did not do the tutorial ( new world) . If you had this maintenance stuff would be easy to handle. You just need more practice getting ducked :slight_smile:

I love when you guys discuss about “prime time” in your regions and completely forget about South America xD. That makes me feel kinda good when i see Europeans complaining about downtime.

I get it its the off time in the US to do the maintenance but lately I’m missing days at a time to be able to log into a game I have paid a subscription for. Something back for the constant unplanned maintenance would ease the pain.

Western entitlement man

They will never remove the items duped just like new world just like the founders pack dupes…
It’s AGS glitch fast and hard !