Monitor advice please

Hi all,

Been meaning to upgrade my main monitor for some time now and this game has given me a reason to do so. I’ve never had a widescreen before so was looking at this one :

Would this one be good for this game? No Black bars or anything like that?

This would be a great monitor for most use cases, Just make sure If you use an old gpu make sure it has Display Port


For gaming It’s great you just need a beefy gpu for 4k

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If you can afford that, buy it.
It’s one of the best gaming monitor.
Other brands to take into consideration are LG, AOC and ASUS (but they are usually more expansive)


Ah yeah, that might be a problem, my system is getting old now. Only using a Geforce GTX 1060 3GB. What other types of wide screens should i go for with a graphics card this old?

Same model just choose a 2k resolution, the 27" version would do.

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Thank you, will do!