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I have two monitors which I use, and sadly Lost Ark can only be played on the main/primary monitor, but I dont want it on the main/primary monitor. Yes, you guys could say that I can simply change the monitor from the PC system, but I dont want to do that due to certain reasons. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one with this preference.

So, I would like to suggest that an option for monitor selection is available for the in-game setting. Atleast have a poll to see the number of players which encourages this option.

Also, if possible for those who also want this preference to be implimented to support this topic by making it popular, so that devs can see that there is alot of players out there that want this option.

Please could you leave a like and comment, if you agree with this, so that the topic can be refreshed so that others which did not see it the 1st time will see it.



I’m in the same boat. My primary monitor is for reading/discord/internet browsing. It is a smaller monitor so the resolution is easier for me to read. My secondary monitor is the 4k gaming monitor with the higher resolution. I cannot make use of full-screen or borderless windowed mode because when I make the game client go into windowed mode to drag it over to the gaming monitor and try to apply full-screen/borderless windowed mode it just makes the game jump back to the primary monitor. I cannot resize the game client window either in windowed mode, it is locked permanently to the resolution size of the smaller primary monitor.

For now I swapped the primary monitor to the gaming one so I can use the borderless window mode but this is not ideal at all because of notifications and window prompts showing up on that monitor. I wholeheartedly back this suggestion of adding a monitor selection as an display setting in the game configuration.

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Ye, lets have our fingers crossed and hope that they implement this soon.

yeap this is needed asap

This has my vote as well.
It’s annoying to finagle it with Windowkey+shift and left/right arrows to get it where I want it. Not to mention, it crashes if your second monitor isn’t the same resolution as your primary monitor; such as the projector I have set up as 16:9 when my primary is 21:9.

A simple monitor assignment button under video settings would be greatly appreciated.

Yes this needs adding.
I plug my primary monitor in for work and if I already have Lost Ark loaded before I plug my monitor back in for gaming then it doesn’t switch Lost Ark back to the primary monitor.

Please add this asap.


I managed to do it this way:

  1. Switch the main monitor to where you want LostArk to go.
  2. Launch LostArk, wait for it to load completely.
  3. Switch the main monitor back (the setting window will still be opened on other monitor).

A bit too cumbersome but works for me.

Same issue here. Quite anoying this isn’t an option. New World had the same issue, but surprisingly in an early patch they added the ability to let you choose which monitor you wanted to play on in settings. Do that please…

need this. main monitor stays on other one does not and there is no practicality to having the game monitor set to main, it needs to be able to be set as the game default.

go to settings → change screen mode to windowed mode → drag the game window to the desired monitor → change screen mode back to full screen

@lostSal This does work but the whole point would be defeated of having 2 monitors since u can not freely move with your mouse between them. Also, alt tabbing makes the game dc for me if I do it too often.

This doesn’t work for me. When I do this, the game window jumps back to the smaller primary monitor once I change back to fullscreen mode in the settings.

This is only a work around, but here’s how you can do it quite easily, however it requires the program DisplayFusion (imo a must have program for multiple monitors). There you can create tasks that are performed under certain conditions. I have the same problem as you but with discord opening always on the main monitor instead of the right one (I have 3, usually right for discord, mails etc, left for media/browser and main for games/work).
I configured a task that will always run when discord.exe starts and will move discord to the right screen.

Same here. We need this. Other ganes are missing this too but here it buggy when drag/drop in window mode on another screen.

Ye, I agree.

I truely hope more ppl will support this.

Same, would very much like this feature implemented so I’m hoping more people will bring this to Smilegate/Amazon’s attention. The game takes so LONG to load with the easy anti-cheat taking a big portion of the loading. Then you wait to get to the server selection screen before you can hit the system settings to change the video options to switch to windowed mode then drag the window over to the correct monitor then going back into full-screen. It is such a chore. Then with the constant crashing yesterday, you have to do this constantly when the game closes unexpected from the crashing.

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Also would like this please!

Yeah, I tried everything I could and still have this issue.