Monthly May update patch note

I just have one question around when we can expect to see may update patch notes?

We’ll get it when we get it, or when you get it. But would love to see some patch notes little earlier than 24 hours before the maintenance kicks in.

I really do appreciate how the communications has been handled recently! Keep it up!

edit: I’m referring to monthly update

When you stop asking.

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What patch notes? You already had this week’s update. It was 1 day before. Nothing will come this week, and nothing will come before the 19th so don’t wait.

Valtan update

There were patch note for this weeks update that came out today

Valtan update is 19th or after this. No one day before this.
EDIT: And yes, It’s already been confirmed that when we get closer to the valtan update, we’ll have the notes 1-2 weeks early. So calm down and wait.

Patch notes will probably be one day ahead of the patch like normal
Maybe in advance of the notes we will see some PR around the release

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