Months of farming still waiting to see 1 meta jewellery drop

This game just doesn’t … just, its like no… never giving you one!


The chances of getting that is as good as getting a thick bar from Unas tokens. Probably once in 3k hours. That’s why you have pheons so whales pay real money for everyone to progress.

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Its just disgusting, and people wonder why 3/4 of player count are bots. The whole point of playing and enjoying a good MMO, is giving you that amazing bling-bling loot at regular pace. obviously not too easy, but this sheesh!

What are the chances of someone getting 100 quality ring with 5/3 stats including class and meta engraving? By the time you get it, if you get it, new tier is introduced, ancient for instance lol

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its crazy how yellow quality meta, “just rings” are like 50k+ gold. On top of that you need “3500 gold for 95 crystals”. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yes, don’t forget to pay the devs with blue crystals for this rare drop.

The polluted loot tables in Lost Ark is pretty much the worst gearing system I have ever seen.

You literally delete thousands of useless drops each week and unless you are already very comfortable with the game and know what engravings/stats pair players are likely deleting the odd good thing they found just from lack of knowledge.

There is zero smart loot in the game
There are endless amounts of useless engravings
There are 3 niche stats that have a very limited use case at best and it’s mostly for PVP

It’s impossible to self-gear yourself. Even just a basic Oreha/Argos 3x3 build using class specific drops you still would never in your lifetime get a full 5 piece set of class/specific engraving + proper stat and that is with one line being a guaranteed class engraving line.

Then to top it off you have to roll Quality.

So in the end the chances of even rolling a decent accessory is abysmally low, it’s more frustrating than fun to look over your rewards for the day and thanks to Pheon’s even those “ok” drops get deleted anyway.

AND THE BEST PART: We get to do it all again with Ancient gear soon :rofl:

It’s like a worse version of Diablo 3 before even it introduced smart loot.


Its like “on the clock”, daily grind → daily dismantle. Nothing new/exciting!

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The problem is, SG purposely inserts useless stats and engravings into the game, while making said useless things having an even higher chance to appear on gear.

They create scarcity to artificially increase the price of good gear. That way a lot of players will feel the need to buy gold in order to properly gear their characters.


Don’t even get me started on the tripods, lol. I’ve to park everyone near Joana before doing chaos, to transfer what I want and drop the rest because they take away more than half of my inventory, lol.

And worst case is, they’re evaluated as 35-50 gold earch.

I’m this close to auto-dismantling evety single one without looking and just forgetting they exist.


Ive been doing legion raids for 6+months now, and yet to see 1, f*ing 1 Gold quality Relic ring/Neck/Earring with meta 5/3 stats for my class. The game is like “Never!!!”
Even “Boss Rush” tickets are damn hard to get with rested bonus, it just gives trash-time wasting Cubes all the damn time.

the only complete useless insta dismantle stat is exprtise
rest are useable for pvp / pve for some combinations

How about when your alt gets what you need and vice-versa?

Some of you can send stuff through mail, but I can’t.

It’s frustrating even more than not getting at all

bound mats I get it, but passing a decent jewellery or stone, f*** hell!

It’s just unfortunate that 1 or 2 very specific use cases for these stats is enough to infect 50% of the drops lol.

PVP accessories should be buyable from PVP vendors for doing PVP things. But I suppose with the way the gearing works even that would be complicated when you want to mix specific stats with engravings.

The whole system “works” when you have millions of players all feeding one Market but with our split regional markets and lower player count, it just makes accessories a miserable time.

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3.5K hours and no gold bar yet :frowning:

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Good luck comes in bundles for me. I can literally have like a serious jackpot in 45 minutes straight, then be dry for like 2 months. It makes me feel superstitious sometimes.

Impossible, lol.

2 weeks ago I got 3 xD

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6k hours played never missed Una Tokens, no gold bar yet lol

You have to dodge:

  1. Bad quality. (had ADR5/KBW3 spec drop at 2 quality the other day. KEKW)
  2. DPS/Healer engravings being mixed (happens 50% of the time)
  3. Bad engravings mixed with good ones (happens the other 49%)
  4. Half the useless stats.

You can argue that PVP stated acc are useful but the main issue is that its just ANOTHER thing to mix with quality/healer engravings/random BS that it doesnt feel worth it.

I understand in a lot of looter games going through mass amounts of rare/legenday loot looking for that “BIS” roll but the problem with this game is that theres so much useless shit to sift through that if any tiny amount of feces roll onto your accessory you are fucked.

Any mid accessory that drops people wont buy because of pheon costs and you literally can’t even give it to yourself because of pheons

So with such a small AH per server the market is dry as fuck