Months of farming still waiting to see 1 meta jewellery drop

no? these are player made builds what do you mean “buyable”
the engraving suck because everything must be perfect, enough to have 1 wrong negative engraving to ruin a perfect fit

I mean buying random rolled engravings with the dom/exp/endur rolls on them specifically.

You still get to enjoy the fun of rolling Dom with Magick Stream and Necromancy.

But if you split the more “pvp” focused stats and acquired them in a different way and freed up at least one set of bad RNG from the loot table, it help 99% of the builds out there.

and if you happen to be one of those niche pve builds that use Domination or something, well go PVP :slight_smile:

How the hell do u grind 6k hours. Is LA 24/7 open? Im at 3,8k almost and dont know how. ( i close game if im longer afk then 30min)

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I was off by 1000 hours lol. I just threw out a number I didn’t actually go check.

But yeah probably 2500 of those hours is standing AFK in Kalaja

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Dude what is it with you and Kalaja?

I know they give GHL-s all in 1 place, that can’t be the sole reason?

Ofc my chars stay in Kalaja too only switch to Punika for Honing. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is probably the worst part of the game for me.

For a game that wants you to play alts it doesn’t show it. In the end unless you park an alt it’ll cost just as much as a main if gearing it properly.

Sending accessories and stones within your own account should NOT cost pheons. It should remove a trade attempt, absolutely fine.

That way for example you have a RE DB and a super charge/grudge stone drop on your bard for example. It’ll sell for 5g so not even worth wasting a listing so it gets deleted.


no, these are player made builds, the developer dont get to say whats good for pvp and whats not

I remember you around 2kish, negative about the game, new job, started playing new world again, I was optimistic, but here you are after doubling down on lost ark…


He spends too much time in Kalaja. It’s so depressing down there

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After playing the game for 1,8k hours I’ve gotten one drop that sold for 130k and 2 drops that sold between 50-100k. Accessories aren’t simply a main revenue for your gold rather than running Argos+Valtan for 2700+4500=7200g on your 5 alts for 36k gains per week and that’s excluding potential Vykas runs/busses and whatever you do on your main. Some might complain about 20/20 legendary books costing 200k, but with some freebies getting a BiS set for 10 hours of gameplay in a week for 5 weeks of grinding is not really a high bar for an MMO

But I swear to god the real rigged thing isn’t the accessories, it’s the hecking books. The amount of divine protection, explosive expert, crisis evasion, necromancy, emergency rescue, max MP, fortitude and strong will engravings from legendary book drops is absurd


Im telling you… never one. I’ve had my luck in other places thoo.

I dropped a 100 qual swift KBW 5 Grudge 3 and negative engraving 1.

In the first week of release of Valtan :wink:

But never got that damn gold bar :frowning:

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I actually keep the non meta books on an alt just to see how many I get, and they definitely seem weighted

Theres a lot of useless engravings and the fact that most of the non-class books are all utter garbage its weird that you see so many. I almost have enough disrespect and shield piercing books to literally complete my set if I went through and learned the green/blue/purp books.

this game man


Yeah hahahaha, I do the same xD

Same result xD

Though partly because all the good books we sell for quick cash xD

And we only keep our class ones for later, right? But that skews the data just a tiny little bit

Icefrog - the Epic Comic (Classic) : r/DotA2

I’m also lowkey guilty of this, though i have one extra reason to play :^)


Oh it’s just where all my characters who do MHL end up for the day since that’s the quest turn in for both.

So usually you turn in, log off, log on next character, repeat. Then at the end of the list your last character is just standing there by Margo AFK with a dozen other people.

It’s just where most players end up AFKing is why I use it all the time lol

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I’ve never once said a bad thing about Lost Ark :slight_smile:


months ? 2.7k hours here. best ive got was support ear for 15k summer 2022

wanna do some quick napkin maffs

Got my first one this week. 100 qual Swiftness + Expert5/Awakening3 + 2 Defense Reduction earring. I’ve been playing since early access.

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There are tons of things you can roll a bingo on.

A legendary card, a good quality, an accessory, a good engraving, an easy hone, etc.

I doubt any of you ever had one for a while.