Monts in Islands and NPCs... A simple request

I was inspired to ask those things because of this post. Tab overlay map request - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Test Forums (

I never understood why we cannot use the mount inside the Island with the exception of 2 islands I think of all the other ones you can’t use mounts, is nothing for the small islands we can pass through fast, but the big ones, please let us use our mounts.

During the quests, we sometimes need to talk to NPCs and a progress bar appears, when this happens you have been forced to unload your mount, please, let us not unmount in those cases, we already have to spam G lots of times, that’s enough.

Those things are old problems, but years pass and we learn how to live with those little annoying things, but new players may be more annoyed and frustrated than the old players

And about the part always being in different channels after leaving the dungeons, we asked this before and I think the feedback was already passed, but with my experience in these games those 3 things that I remember and the post that inspired me, are the 4 of 5 little annoyances in the game that could let people be frustrated.

The 5th thing is the level of another character using the same method to play all the main quests over and over to more than 11h to 15h by the majority of people and YouTubers, this last thing, it heartbreaking for me, is something never could be in this game, because this game is made for you in time have lots of char, and each time, these obligations make this the most unpleasant and burnt out experience I ever had in an MMO, is so annoying that this time I will have 1 char for at least a year. And I think this over and over process maybe will make people leave the game if he/she creates a char, lvl up close to 50 and don’t like the char when he will make the second one, some people will cry or angry and sadness of this lvl up the second char and further.

@Pneuma @Roxx
Please, don’t be angry at me to use soft words like “annoying” and “frustrated”, I love this game and I am the 1ST to defend this game except the burnt-out leveling the second char and further, I did use those words to show the true feeling, the fact I am describing and is better use those words here than in steam discussion or in other places where have more people, don’t avoid my post because those little details, I am not a hater of the game, it’s best MMO I ever had a chance to play since 1998 when I played my 1ST MMO.

As I said before, I have almost 2K hours in this game, I can give the feedback that most new players will feel, and now it’s easy, 80% of bad things already are removed from the game since Season 2.0 and other updates after 2.0.


Yeah that’s kinda annoying i would like to see them fix it. Getting dismounted after talking to npcs for quests feels really bad

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your admin @ comment ctfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu LOL

I’m all in for #2.

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This is solid feedback, thanks for sharing, we will include in our reports to the team.