More account requirements to restrict bots please

When the steam trusted account requirement change happened bots were much more rare for like an entire month but now bot farmers have already setup a way to farm trusted steam accounts non-stop. Could the requirements be increased to disrupt this system bot farmers have setup ?

I feel like increasing steam account requirements was a good change that worked for a long time, could these types of requirements be raised?

Bots are flooding punika just a single hour after patch finished. It’s extremely discouraging to see entire cities of bots so far into the end-game, banwaves alone don’t feel effective enough anymore because RMT’d gold is obviously still ruining the market with gems being sold for hundreds of times more than they are worth in the market history.

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Once all players are removed, the botting problem will be fixed


You know, one thing I’ve often wondered is… what exactly does Steam/Valve do (if anything) about these massive number of accounts being created for botting, because you need a Steam account to play… not an Amazon account.

AGS “bans” bot accounts… by doing what, preventing those Steam accounts from accessing the game’s servers… but then, what happens to the actual Steam account? AGS doesn’t own Steam, therefore they don’t own the account used to access the game, therefore they shouldn’t have any control over the actual account… they can only merely prevent it from accessing the game anymore, because AGS owns the game the servers, and all game data pertaining to whatever that particular account did while accessing the game. (oversimplification, I know). But… because AGS doesn’t own the actual Steam accounts used by botters… what happens then? What happens to those Steam accounts?

Does AGS “report” these accounts to Valve? Does Valve do anything directly to try to prevent those botters from creating more Steam accounts later on?

TL;DR, What role, if any, does Steam/Valve have in the fight against bots and RMT?

(Or am I missing something? I admit I haven’t read every… single… post…ever…created about botting, so, whatever info is out there is spread so thin, I could have easily missed out on some information at some point. I could be completely wrong in my assumptions about how the relationship between Valve & publishers works, and who has what control over accounts and in what capacity).

-Just saying… this is something I’ve often wondered about. o/

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Cant they mac ban the bot accounts so they cant create a new acc?

It is trivial to change the MAC address of a device.