More and more people lose their re-entry tickets

As the title says, more and more people lose valtan’s re-entry tickets in the game and don’t get related rewards, which is undoubtedly a rather disappointing thing, when they come to the forum to ask for help only one response

“Players whose game crashes are eligible for re-entry tickets. Players whose server network or their own network crashes are not eligible”

However, since last week, many people have the same situation, but customer service has not done anything until now, when more and more players have the same problem, I don’t think it is a problem that can be attributed to the players

The lockout system needs to be fundamentally reworked. SG should just copy WoW and be done with it. No reason to reinvent the wheel, especially when the reinvented wheel breaks all the time.

This should should also include:

  1. the ability to replace players mid-run without restarting the run
  2. assigning the Find Party leader to the original leader instead of the person who loads out of the instance faster when restarting
  3. the ability for the Find Party leader to be on any party and position instead of position 1 of party 1