More Bots Than Players (v2)

If one stands in place in any city, you will see more warping barb or sorc classes with random names than players greater than 95% of the player base.

How about adding bot deterring mechanism when creating accounts???

Easier said than done.

(1) This has been discussed to death on these forums:

(2) Official statement from Amazon (March '2022)

Bot Bans
Last Friday we began rolling out bot bans, targeting over a million illegitimate accounts. We know this will not fix the situation by itself and there are still bots present the game, so we want to provide reassurance that this was just one step in an ongoing battle. Following this initial massive ban wave, we are continuing to regularly roll out additional bans to clear out more bots from the game. Beyond that, we are also working on internal methods and tools to make it much more difficult for bots to enter the game, especially at the current rate they are being created. These updates will soon be on their way to the game.

We’ve also heard player concerns about the effect these bots may have on the in-game economy when it comes to gold buying and selling, and we are closely monitoring this situation. We have also changed the gold reward to silver for some Rapport and Guide Quest rewards in order to prevent the abuse of these systems by botters and gold farmers.

Please also remember that participating in any real-money transactions (RMT) through third party sellers is against our terms of service and will result in an account ban, for both the buyer and seller. To help safeguard your account, be weary of gold and gifts sent to you by users that you don’t know, and always reject any items that show up in your mailbox that you feel uncertain about.

Source: Lost Ark Update to Top Issues - March 11 - #2

Odd, other than vern I have yet to see any bots in major cities