More cheaters on brel h?

So, yesterday i met a very interesting guy which looks like a typical 1540 alt (5x3, lvl7 gems etc.)

but the fun part started when we entered brel g2 hard.

Once he entered the prokel room for the first time, it took literally 2 sec for the knight to spawn, after that we encountered 2 main mechs (3 orange orbs, stagger) in less than a minute, the last safe zone mech started immediately after stagger.

boyz with bowz SSSSS tier now?

I mean…i know that lizard skin is pretty op, but lets be serious…

SS is a good prokel class, seems pretty normal, also are you complaining that you had a good prokel killer which is also confusing

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I’m not arguing about that, but I cant find a single video where prokel get obliterated in less than 3 min on i lvl on any character. “SS is a good prokel class” is not enough to explain that.


you finished g2 in less than a minute, i would love to raid with this guy.

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No way a ds SS on ilvl kills prokel hc in 2 or 3 minutes. His new rotation is not even a little bit flexible. And he is slow af. Even If he manages to survive (SS is twoshot from everything), my guess would be it will be close to enrage.

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Next time get some video evidence.
What’s the point of this post?
Also provide MVP screen and timer left till berserk mode.
This will be helpful.

If what you said is accurate, he wouldnhave like 80% dmg mvp

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this forum isnt getting obliterated into oblivion fast enough man


Well that’s a new one, calling someone out for doing too good of a job.

No evidence at all, just a quick G2 and you want to witch hunt someone?


Thats why i sayd " who cares " but my comment got deleted. :clown_face:

anyone who has done hardmode g2 knows that on ilvl prokel does not die quickly

prokel has nearly 3 billion hp

so to kill him in 100 seconds you need 30million dps
we still don’t have characters capable of reaching even close to that on trixion

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I’ve had some pretty fast Prokel clears that went mech to mech before.

Maybe they took forever to clear the 3 Diamonds giving him time to cook and they burned the skull down at just the right time to Thiraine and push mechs.

Maybe Prokel wasn’t feeling up to trying very hard and spent the whole time doing easy DPS patterns.

Maybe the OPs ability to judge time is skewed and it was actually 30 seconds for the knight, 20 seconds between each mech and they were just too busy to realzie.

Without some kind of evidence it’s the same thing as me saying @stefan.ushev you used wall hacks last night, I seen it, prove me wrong.

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i’d be very interested to see you doing prokel in 100 seconds

he does not name the person so we can’t point fingers

but prokel simply has 3 billion hp and most people sit at around 7-10million dps inside

thirain or not you can simply do the math

who said they did it in 100 seconds?

The time during each mechanic eats up a good bit of time as well

That’s part of the problem with this witch hunt, there is nothing to show how long the fight actually took.

If there was video here of a 15 second Prokel kill yeah I’d be wanting that checked as well. But all we have is word of mouth the fight felt shorter than it should have.

the pace OP is describing is about that long

the head mechanics are completely irrelevant to the prokel killer

if he does it qucikly enough actually he can wipe the party outside

this is fcr example a very fast prokel hard kill and the guy is significantly out geared than our buddy in OPs post

But there still is no proof for that.
No MVP screen with that guy getting like 80-90% dmg.
For clearnig Prokel this fast, he would get above 80% easily.
And there’s nothing.

Just two screenshots of his character, and OPs story behind it.


Exactly. The guys sense of time is probably whack lol

2 seconds for the knight to spawn? Was probably like 10 seconds. So we’re already 5x off on time. How long to kill knight? 30s? 1min? How long to clear orange orb mech? Probably almost ran outta time and almost wiped.

At least take a SS of the time or something and mvp screen of dmg % as people are saying. If it took like a minute to kill and went mech to mech outside would have basically no damage dealt because no time to down the outside head. So prokel would for sure have something wild like 80%+ dmg


he does not name the person so we can’t point fingers

No proof = useless post , sorry.

it falls into name and shaming so it would get his thread deleted if he were to give names but honestly the op has bad time sense tbh


And then is Shutdown?