More classes more often

Just one more post into the frequency of this request. There is no need to be constructive or thorough about this, the arguments have been plenty by many users before me. Just give the players more reasons to play and experience the game.

Anyone social enough has witnessed guildmates switch mains and pump their new found interest up to 1415+ immediately. We’ve witnessed guildmates quit the game and not return. We’ve witnessed guildmates try RU server and get discouraged. Class interest exists.



You know, you kinda prove their point.

You are saying that class interest exist. That means that when classes release, you will get people playing the game again.

That’s what they want and why they are staggering the releases to once every two months.

Naw, folks didn’t come back. Not a single one returned in my guild. It just gave those already invested a slight morale boost.

Its retention and not recruiting material in the west - and frankly now would be the time. The sentiment across my guild has grown to largely “if legion raids werent so fun, we’d be long gone.” I cant imagine we’re unique in that.

AGS needs to do better, arbitrarily locking us out of classes isnt going to make the game survive long term.


Like the person before me said that noone will return. Even now with arcana coming back gonna be a pain now imagine what happens in december, you played on release and decided to listen to those “just quit and come back later”.

Now you are back and have a huge mountain of progress before you to even come close to surpass your old main while everyone who played with you either quit as well or is at brehlshaza hardmode. Can they still play with you? Sure. Is it fun to be the only one who is new to the raid while they are on alts know the fight in and out.

Coming back in LA isnt as easy as other mmos, its not ffxiv, wow etc where you can just jump back in, invest a few hours and after finishing the latest quest go and raid.


That’s literally how every MMORPG works my friend.

People come and go and lost ark is one of those games that have very generous events, like BDO does with their season servers.

Just because your guildmates didnt come back it doesnt mean nobody else won’t.

Every MMO gets tons of attention when a big content drops. You guys act like we had the calsses already in the west and then they removed them on purpose lmao. They are STILL unreleased classes.

Also KR has been getting tons of players back every time a big event is on or a new class releases.

Can we stop acting like not releasing the class everyone wants will ruin the game?. This is a bit over dramatic.

Literally not. I played bdo. I was full tet in 2018.
You cant compare a game where you can just simply move 80% of your gear to your new char and use a weapon swap token and are IMMEDIATELY at the same gearscore as before.

FFXIV if i return to a new class i am immediately 10 level below max level, then I level to max, do some normal raids and once i am full gear after some clears i can go Raiding the harder fights if i have a static.

They LITERALLY had Summoner ready to go and removed her and replaced her with Sorceress for no reason. No bugs, no Reworks no matter what you heard neither of that is true cause neither rework nor huge bugfix is planned for her.

I mean some go over the top but acting as if waiting for almost a 6-12 months for classes which are available everywhere is a good thing especially in a game which requires a lot of grinding.

If you dont have a static carrying you through brehlshaza and clown later down the road on your new class even if you push 1490 first day you are still gated keeped for a MONTH till you have your full relic set, after that you have to grind clown to get set to lvl 2 and THEN (if you are dps) people take you to brehlshaza.
So at LEAST 2-3 months before you can start pushing brehlshaza gear without taking materials into account (shards, leapstones).

So now tell me, how is Lost ark compareable to games like BDO or FFXIV? Because if literally “every MMO is like that” how come one of the biggest are so different.

PS: I dont see classes in an alt heavy game as content, I see it as a medium you enjoy said content (Raids) with.


Regarding BDO: The TAG system was recently implemented. Before the TAG system the game was getting huge player spikes on huge events like the season servers. My point was about players coming back to the game.

Regarding FFXIV: Yes, but that is because of the more casual nature of the game. The game has a completely different approach regarding progression, so we cannot fully compare them. But the game gets millions of players back with each expansion so, like i said before, people do come and go.

I agree the Summoner situation. Although i do feel that the Sorc is a better pick for our western version, they could have released both the Summoner and the Sorc since they first one was already teased for release.

I also agree about the gate keeping, however, we are still getting the QoL’s KR is getting now, and we don’t know how generous most of the events will be / or how exactly they will help with gear progression. Switching mains is a pain, but it always will be. That’s how the game works.

For example, someone might want to main an Aeromancer in KR, they will have to suffer in order to make the switch regardless.

My point was that people come and go to check MMORPGS in general on massive content drops/classes or events. And that applies to every MMORPG. Also, it is not fair to expect from a new player to be able to catch up to an end-game player immediately. Especially in more in-depth progression games like BDO and Lost Ark.

This is simply not how grinding games work. If you are a player who joined 1-2 years later, you will need time to catch up to a player who was playing for those 2 years.

So people came back for the TAG system and not because one class was in.
BDO is imho a bad example because BDO has so little content that classes = content. You grind in Circles, you grind harder spots which wont let you oneshot stuff and 90% of that enjoyment comes from playing the class you play.

FFXIV is a story heavy game so most people who return return due to the continuity of the story not because a new class released. Sure they decide to give it a try if it looks cool but almost noone returns to FFXIV because a class came out (also they global release so no Server X has content 2 years ahead).

Thats the point tho, switching main is a pain. We dont ask to make it easier even tho that would be nice, we ask that we can switch mains sooner so we dont fall behind so much.

We are not arguing if it should be easy for new players to catch up to long year veterans (which they shouldnt, but they should have it easier - good example is how we had to play through t1/t2 in raw form, no honing upgrade, new players should soon get at least t1/t2 honing buff from ru/kr imho but thats a topic for another day)

We are arguing if class schedule should be changed and unless you profit from AGS/SG dripfeeding classes over a year period then i dont understand why you are against others wanting those changes.

I actually think it’s much better to get 1 class per 2 months because they will always come with hyper express / battle passes and special progression events.

So you will be able to level them up much more efficiently than the 1 class/ month schedule.

We have the game only for 4 months here, we dont have such a strong economy to support that frequent class releasing.

Noone who waits for certain class to play as their to-be-main would go and waste his express on the wrong class if its communicated by AGS that there wont be another one (like the glaivier/destroyer desaster)

Great business idea, chase people away now in the hopes they come back in a few months.

The more you have to wait for your main that is already existed in other regions, the more you get screwed on daily/weekly bound mats (shards, chaos dungeons, una dailies and weeklies).

They should really get back to 1 class per month cadence or even faster. They literally said the goal is to catch up with KR but at this rate, this ain’t gonna happen for a whole freaking year.

Because they “removed” them to release them later, they “are” in the game they’ve already been datamined.

no one’s gonna care about or raise every single class in the game

I abandoned the idea of playing the class I wanted to play. Over half of the people I used to play with quit permanently when they clarified their class cadence because they can’t be arsed to wait 4-8 months for their class and redo the process if 1340-1370 and especially 1415-1475.

I do not see that happening to the point it makes profit. We’ve had classes release already and there haven’t been that kind of big surge of players that would give the okay to this approach.

What make sense is teasing the already faithful playerbase with ways of getting them to spend. Classes is one of them and a good percentage would be up for making a new class even if they are not that interested in it. Else they lose power pass and express advantage of raising a new class. That in turn will get them to invest more resources, time and sometimes money in the game. Blizzard showcases this kind of tendency with faithful players, as of recently with the whole preordering that everyone got. The way i see it, it’s not about player retention.

There have been multiple business models throughout history and the average consumer model always worked just fine. Look at POE or LoL, Coffee bars and hotels. Lost ark doesn’t try to capitalize the average player right now. We are getting no passes every month, or meaningful skins, classes to keep the uninterested player and get the to finally invest.

Yes there was, what do you mean? There was a surge of new players when Glavier released. I know for sure a lot of the people I know got back into the game.

It’s hard to really quantify because of the bots messing up the statistics, but there was a surge of players.

There have been multiple business models throughout history and the average consumer model always worked just fine. Look at POE or LoL, Coffee bars and hotels.

Yes, do look at PoE. pretty similar audience. How does it work? Does it release content every month?
Content comes every 3-4 months and you see a surge of players that then slowly drop off, keeping a smaller more invested/loyal playerbase at all times.

That’s exactly what Lost Ark is going for.

This is compounded by the fact that with class releases, we’ll also have power passes and express buses and events.

We didn’t for Destroyer, but that’s because it was too close to Glavier.

That’s probably why they went for the 2 month schedule.

2 months is way too much time to wait. Take under consideration that a lot of players are waiting for reaper/scouter/summoner and they will just lose interest into this game if they will have to wait for 1 year until the class release and they grind to catch up with other players… from mu point of view it makes no sense to wait such long time…

Bring classes already exist :earth_asia: