More communication from AGS?

Is it just me, or AGS staff is more active on the forums now? I have never seen so many topics with a response from AGS staff member. Maybe they’re finally working on communication? Would be amazing if that’s the case or maybe just a coincidence…

think it’s just you. it’s always peaks and troughs with forum responses, they will do a load of them then radio silence.

they’ve only responsded to like 5-7 in the last hour, the others are potentially just necro posts or stuff that AGS haven’t responded too in months that people are keeping alive in the hope of a response.

we can hope and dream

i don’t know if them posting the same copy pasta over over again is more active

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They have already answered every question about the game.

it’s mostly repeating it and people who lack the IQ to use the search function.

hmm I see so you’re one of those can’t search people

I’m 10IQ what are you talking about?

Honestly, speaking for myself only my presence here ebbs and flows depending on how busy my days are. Since a few of my projects have just wrapped I’ve had some more time to pop in and out of threads here.

That said, we’ll be having a new face join the team fairly soon to help cover the times I can’t be present with more consistency :slight_smile: I’m very much looking forward to that!


What about the German section? Our Community Manager seems to have disappeared.

Amen - their responses have been copy paste since the game came out. It’s like interacting with bots.

actually they’re quite active
i posted about machinist and they reponds quickly too

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Nope, it’s the same.

Im guessing it just looks that way since the forum is clearly dying

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