More Efficient Lost Ark Guild Recruitment Hub

I appreciate everything this forum is doing for the lost ark community. Unfortunately, this forum lacks filtering abilities. For example, I want to see all guilds in North America East. Example 2: Get me all the Guilds In North America East that speak English. Last Example: Get me all of the guilds in North America East on the server Avesta who speak French. Do you see what I’m getting at? This is why I built Lost Guilds.

Essentially id like to have it be used as a hub for guilds to find new members and for players to easily find guilds. I hope it can be of use and I’m open to hearing feedback and feature requests. Thanks!


Implemented dark mode on the website.
Added new servers that will be available today when free to play opens.

Nobody is going to use that, beside the fact that Amazon kills games, there is already a place to recruit, Lost Ark .

You might be right, but was a cool project and I learned some new things on the way. My big gripes with the Discord is that also gets lost in the mix and that is also unsortable. That discord looks like they have a master spreadsheet Lost Ark Guild / Community Directory - Google Sheets but that also isn’t sortable and gives no information about the guild. In those discord channels its all by region so its like a wall of text I have to scan through to find the server I actually care about dunno /shrug.

What i do, and is very simple, i just type the name of my server in search box, and only post with that server name will show up.

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Bumping this!

I have put our guild on your site mate - the more places to advertise the better I think

Didn’t pay your web server bill huh? lol