More events please?

When we had Arkesia Grand Prix and Guardian Event together the progression of the week was so much better, now that the new Patch is comming, would be very nice to have more ways to get more materials, and FOR ME, the real problem its the leapstones, even for tier 2 its slow to progress.
All i’m saying is to put more events happening together.

dont worry. KR getting 100 for free^^

Well, we’ve gotten around 100 (great honor) from Ark Pass Premium, tho not free - still, a lot of resources in a single point of time

still a pass that gave this once and for the next months, nothing more, events will give weekly

Guardian gives 75 weekly and we will be getting more events.

But if you count how much resources you’ve gotten from both Grand Prix and Guardians - I don’t think it’s even close to 100 Great Honor Leapstones, you would need 500 small ones for it

Kinda, but still its a nice progression not just for main, but for alts to have more events. We will push more alts to tier 3, have more daily content to get materials, and the progression will be much more rewarding. Having only 1 event I think its not enough for the current state we are