More gold from Abyssals

Once you get past 1370, gold is in and out of your pocket a lot. I have several alts sitting around Feiton and Punika. They can all do the 3 ocean abyssal missions but 100g is not worth the time or energy at for these. Can we consider increasing the gold rewards on these and a few other Abyssals that require good groups avoiding team wipe mechanics, to entice more people to come back to them?

I was trying to purchase some blue gems yesterday and accidentally bought gold with my precious orange store gems. I was surprised at how little gold you got for real money. No wonder why some people were buying from botters. So much for buying that additional character slot.

You might want to read some responses to this request here:

Thank you! Seems to be exactly my point, I will go check out the responses.

Rewind time a little bit and you’d find that people were buying 300g per transaction, like 1,200 gold for every $10. It’s ridiculous how little gold there is in the game and it’s the main driver for bots.

People haven’t felt it in a while because of the bots and sometimes in the future there will be a reasonable amount of gold income in the game, but i have a feeling the next couple of month will be extremely deflationary if the bots stay low. So you’re probably going to be even more disappointed soon

Yeah the gold I make from my alts from the Abyssals can get spent in 3-4 rounds of trying to hone my main toon. Then I have to wait another week to fail some more…LOL

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