More information about knowledge transfer cap?

Can we get confirmation please if knowledge transfer for vern 9/9 will be adjusted or sold in shop in near future please?

because new classes are coming, and we want to know how we utilise whats in our hands, I have checked previous posts but there are no answer. Some people deleted their Char’s and didnt restore any.

@Roxx just please confirm whats AGS plans toward knowledge transfer?

Have definitely caught wind of player’s desire to see the cap go up, and will pass it on to the development team, but aside from that there aren’t any plans I can detail at this point in time


This is literally why the 18 char slot pointless right now, as you can’t really play more than 13 characters without going through level 10-50 quest again on your 14th and onward. I just don’t get why the knowledge transfer cap wasn’t considered when they move the char slot cap up. Hopefully there will be a solution next week on the May update.