More information in-game

Hi, I’d love to see more information in game, specifically on abilities and on runes.

On my artillerist for instance when I look at Napalm shot I know it does some firepower, I know that summon turrets shoot, but not how often or how much firepower per shot.

I know it takes 30 Napalm shots to hit 100% firepower, but does that mean it’s 3.33…% per shot or 3.365
Multiple rocket launcher takes 7 full hits, is that 14% or 16.65 etc

The cooldown recovery rune seems to just say “a chance”, from testing it’s about 20% with an internal cooldown, but that would be great for decision making.

Is it 20% on a 20min cooldown (useless) or 20% on a cooldown that means I should wait before using my skills so I can always proc it at full firepower for an extra skill usage during my burst.

To add to this the Firepower’s aren’t evenly spread either; I’d like to know that level 0-1 firepower is 1/3rd bigger than 1-2 and 2-3

(30 napalm shots to hit 100% means 10 per firepower level, level 1 takes 12 (37% estimated) with the 2nd taking 21 (+9) and 30 for the last one.)

I think you can pretty much forget this. It would be awesome if we could have that, I hate to have to research details about in-game things on fansites and stuff, but there is a trend currently of game not displaying any info in-client … League of Legends is a pretty good exemple for that, there is pretty much nothing in terms of info in the client, I hate it so much and I’m pretty sure you can find many other exemples.

I would love to see the reasoning behind being lazy with accessible in-game information, to me it’s just absurd to redirect players to non-official information sources.


You say this, but League DOES have that in game, you just have to turn on an option.

I’d like to see it done like League, where it’s not “in your face” all the time, you have to opt in, as a normal player you don’t care that Gnar’s boomerang has a 1.4 ratio -20, you care “it currently does 67”

I believe that WoW and Final Fantasy both have the same thing of “advanced tooltips”

(Also Do you know what you call a yordle that designs houses? a Gnarchitect)

Nonononono, just check the league of legends wiki, there is NOTHING inside the game compared to the amount of information you need to take into account

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Actually Gnar makes the perfect point for you, it has SOME info, but it doesn’t say things like how much rage you get for hitting with boomerang etc.

I think it would be nice to have a bit more even if it’s not at the level I would like, or a statement saying that the data mining clause is lifted if it’s just to find out information rather than to recreate the game.

I’m not only talking about spell statistics and stuff, I’m talking about the literal mountain of information surrounding a character that aren’t present in client, including but not limited to :

  • Auto attack / spells ranges
  • character hitbox and spell hitboxes (width or diameter of hitboxes etc)
  • Ability type and functioning with the various effects that can prevent being hit or prevent being affected by different stuff
  • Attack wind-up and attack speed scaling

Some general things are also not present like bonus movespeed scaling (which is not linear) and many other infos.

Gnar’s boomerang is also a good exemple, because on it’s way back the ingame tooltip specifies that the spell does “reduced damage”, on the wiki you can find that “reduced damage” means half the damage, it’s not clear for no real reason

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I hate it too but at the same time I learned to appreciate it. It keeps my brain fit and while I need to google to find answers I often find more interesting things which can’t be found ingame.

But I agree. The informations ingame about your stuff needs more substance.