More PVP tokens per win/lose

Recently I noticed on RU that PVP exchange token merchant has upgrade materials that you can get weekly only one 1 character. As someone who also likes to PVP and would gladly use PVP tokens to exchange for upgrade materials this isn’t very feasible as it is very time consuming due to sheer amount of token to mats ratio.

Currently on RU (and it was the same in CBT) you get 5 tokens per lose and 10 tokens per win and during the PVP event on weekends you get 15 tokens per win. This amount is VERY LOW.
RU right now is on TIER 3 PVE content and you would of course want to get TIER 3 upgrade mats, but the exchange ratio for these mats is ridiculously high to the point where you would have to only do PVP for majority of your playing time just to be able to get weekly benefits from all the upgrade mats. And this doesn’t make sense to me. Instead making it easier for those PVP players who also want to progress their gear while PVP a lot they make PVP players to chose whether to PVP all week and just do basic PVE daily or not do PVP at all to be able to progress gear.

For example out of all the upgrade mats most people always run out of SHARDS. And PVP merchant has 10 pouches of 1500 shards, which means each week you can get 15000 shards which is really good, but the issue here is that one TIER 3 shard pouch is 160 PVP tokens, which means to get the benefit of all 10 pouches you would need to WIN 160 PVP games each week, which most likely will go to a number higher then 200 cause you won’t have 100% win ratio. For comparison, most hardcore PVP players on RU who are high ranks, they PLAY around 100-150 games EACH SEASON.

This system is very bad for PVP players and a big waste of time for any PVE player. Making the change in the amount of PVP tokens you get per win/lose or reducing the token-mats ratio would bring more of these PVE only players to try and PVP so they can get their weekly upgrade mats. Right now there is absolutely no reason for any PVE player to even consider PVP. Only thing PVE players go for is the runes from PVP merchant and after that PVP is a no go for them.

For a game that has been out for 3 years and coming to west, this needs to be adjusted better and with that you will attract more PVE players to try the amazing PVP. Cause the PVP is amazing and a lot of fun and I really hope with a lot of westernization changes that Amazon is doing, this should be one of the mains things to be adjusted and western people LOVE TO PVP.

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There’s a rank system in the arena per season that rewards additional tokens weekly based on rank, separate from the ranked game mode. You get more rank progression from winning but losing gives rank progress too. In RU there’s G20-1, Ranked, Glad, Comm, Marshall ranks. When I was Comm 4 or so I was getting roughly like 6500 tokens weekly just from this payout.

That said I do agree that the game should reward more tokens overall and find other ways to incentivize PvP. I want more PvP objectives in general. Smilegate says there’s a whole PvP continent in the works called “Rowen” but we don’t know any details about it.

I realized that shortly after writing this. I guess those rewards werent visible on CBT so it made me wonder. But this then does give enough mats weekly to get all the rewards. But yea there should be more incentive for PVP