More Queues Again?

Im sick and tired of it.


Bruh, why do you think half the forum is raging about the bots? AGS/SG are incompetent beyond measure.


2k here bots are so easy to combat at least in these numbers just have a moderator visit first 3 zones and wait for the bot trains then instaban maybe even lock the pcs running them so they cant reconnect at least withouth a substantial fine that makes all but the elitest pay up and use thoses funds to improve servers and maybe make a back line server that the bots get dumped intpo where all their efforts are in vain and non transferable

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We’re just talking to a wall here.

There is no response from the Community Managers or developers or publishers.

They dont give a shit. They just take your money and thats it.


7k q here… when you think Valtan is hard then queue time is 10 times more longer than raids.

its the same old same old.

players that are against bots are in favor of stricter punishment for RMT buyers.

players that are against having stricter punishment are players that are RMT buyers and/or bot the game themselves.

the same lame excuses

  1. bots are in every MMO game, therefore you should do nothing about it

  2. such and such measures will not 100% remove all bots; therefore since you can’t remove ALL bots, we should do nothing at all

  3. ags/smilegate is predatory; therefore RMT gold buying is condoned.

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NA West seems to be melting down again, I hope it doesn’t crash like last Saturday.

I haven’t been DC’d but the queues are long and my daughter (she’s 10, just got her started last night) keeps getting D/C’d.

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It’s Saturday,

People are hyped about Vykas

Vykas not even added to the game yet, it’s all bots…


Preparation man!

Wow, that’s totally crazy.

Make way, puny humans. :robot:

about this, too, probably people who want to farm Vykas, and 32 more channels of the same

and this is only on the Trixon server, this is already beyond the normal…

5k queue for NA west again


bots boost players numbers, player numbers get them money.

Really feel sorry for the people in ques though. The least they could do is let players in, defiantly ones paying.

This is just garbage.

8k+ queue in the middle of the night

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bots and rmt will and are killing this game. NA east will suffer the same fate soon enough if there is no intervention from amazon. Sorry to hear about you guys on the west coast


If i heard correctly… This is why Japan got rekted?

yea i gave up even playing tonight. just playing elden ring with friends instead. 5k server on a dead server is a joke. the botters know amazon has no employees on weekends so they go extra hard now