More Silver rewards

As a new player in Lost Ark who have been playing for 1 month and a half. I must say that even with 6 alts, silver couldn’t keep up. I’m at +20 weapon going to +21. Around 1m silver is spent just putting it with shards. Not including the honing part where each tap cost 27-40k silver.

Now, Imagine with alts also pushing a certain item level. Silver really bottleneck alts & main pushing ilvls. I hope they give us more silvers in event rewards / islands.

P.S. I’m doing 3 lopang aswell.

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you are not ready for the silver cost for 22 weapon and above but i agree

Do lopang island unas on all of your alts, combined with regular daily activities like doing chaos dungeons you can get 1mil+ silver per day

I haven’t seen it yet :< but from 20 to 21 is huge and starting from 3% - 9% / tap.

if i remember just for the initial cost of 22 it’s 1.3 million silver + 70k i believe for each attempt

I switched already 2 weeks ago from all of my alts to lopangs from GHL. I was planning to push them all to 1445. Currently all at 1430. However, Silver is the one thing that bottlenecks my alts. I thought shards and leapstones would be a bottleneck. I was wrong :expressionless:

Silver starts to become a non-issue.

Going for anything over +21 is a waste and inefficient tbh, the volume of mats requried and the % chance of success is terrible.

don’t forget cubes and weekly una + silver chest from sylmael

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HOLY! I guess you’ve been playing since release :raised_hands:. I love doing raids and other contents that need certain ilvls that’s why im pushing all of them.

My silver routine:

All alts
Dailies = silver
Chaos Dungeon = 2x /day
Weekly = silver 72kish from cube
Sylmael = all silver + GHL

So far this is from my day to day basis silver

dw this express event gives 1million + there is ark pass coming with f2p rewards and reaper gonna get event too with probably rewards with silver

and you can cubes tick one weekly then do another cube and tick the second weekly

Yea pretty much since day 1.
Best option is get to say 1490/1505 then stop for a while, going to 1505+ isn’t needed in the short term, if you sit around and horde or hone alts you soon make the money back in droves.
CDx2 gives around 110-130k silver at 1475, then there’s there 75k from the lopang dailies on each character.

Going above +21 is a complete waste of materials and currency. There is a gear reset at 1490 happening where your honing chances are going to go way up again and you get a free ilvl boost along with it that you get less of the higher you go beyond +20.
Cost doubles when trying to do +18s
Cost increases by roughly 60% going from trying to do +20s
Cost triples when when trying to do +22s


12 t3s, 5 dedicated lopang slaves, 7 that I active play and do daily with.

I mean I have enough silver to hone with the mats I generate but yes they can be gone if you decide to do an extended honing session, or rolling a gem. I spent 10mil rolling one lvl 9 gem and imagine in the future when you roll lvl 10s.

i parked my alts at 1430 and between then and my main = 2million silver from just running chaos dungeons (1 main + 8 alts)

The game has pretty terrible design in a lot of areas.

I played 1 month during launch, stopped, then came back in June and i am still behind. I dont think its possibke to even catch up honestly.

The later you start the game or the more of a break you take you fall behind exponentially. I think its done this way by design. Its so insanely out of reach to even come close to catching up and im only 3 months behind technically. March April and May.

I have 1 1485 main
1 1435
1 1437
1 1420
3 1370s

I have 1 class engraving book maxed and 1 battle book maxed, masters tenacity bc that was rhe only way i would reacg 5x3 for clown on launch.

I only have 6 grudge books.

In order for me to catch up to the point of having like 1 1490 and 5 1445s or 1 1490 2 1460s and 3 1445s with 1-2 core battle engraving books maxed and 5x3 on another 2-3 characters would take months upon months.

4 months was barely enough time to catch up my main to some degree let alone catching up my roster to other players.

I expect to be chasing this catch up carrot well into 2023. Personally i think thats poor design. With the way this game is designed around alts and gold income i think its fair to expect catching up a roster wouldnt take 6 months or more.

Anyway, its annoying. Ill be “catching up” forever basically so get your expecations set for the same thing.

How is this not being caught up. End game right now is 1475. If your ABOVE that your NOT behind at all. 1490 is Bralshaza and honestly anything ABOVE 1505 (+21s) is just wasting gold and materials since theres a gear reset at 1490 and it costs 3 times as much to go from +21 to +22 when you can use the free ilvl bump from the bralshza gear.

Getting multiple 1445’s once your main is 1475 is actually pretty quick, even now with the buffs to 1415. And Alts are StILL alts, them being 1445 vs 1415 isn’t a huge difference either.

I am confused, what is this catching up you talk about. Are you talking about being able to do new content day 1? No content is going anywhere so I fail to see where the race is.

I believe that is the problem with a lot of people playing this game, they have big time FOMO and spend all their time trying to get to the front, which by the way is the most expensive way to play this game. When you really think about it, does it really matter if you are the first one to get the new gear or you get it a couple months behind everyone else?

If you watched Zeals video back when Lost Ark was new you’d see what type of game this is. $15,000 to switch a main and to level it to current content (KR). This game isn’t designed around F2P and casuals. If you want to be at the front of progression you either run an alt army, play 26hrs a day or you swipe.
The only rush to endgame is of your own making.

dude gets 6 chars after month and half and is suprised has no silver.