More skill points when..?

So just got 60 and as kind of assuming we would get the 410 skill points for like the maxroll thingy

Since we only go to 408 and people were saying 420 or something in KR, when do we get the rest of the skill points…?

When later content releases. Doesn’t matter which one it is since it changes nothing for you. You’re maxed out for now that’s all you need to know and there are no dates/times for further content releases right now.

Plus if you REALLY wanted to know you’d go and search for it yourself on google or something.

Tier 3 tower and Elgacia are the rest of the skill points and a new Unas task i believe. Which come with or after Brelshaza


I thought Tier 3 Tower was what “Bridge” was called. People kept reffering to it as the “Tower of Tier 3”

No, Tier 3 tower reffers to the same tower as tier 1 and tier 2 with the 50 floors, thronespire isnt a tower its a “Bridge” xD They just described as a tower the way its loot works

and this is why I ask questions.

Yeah but my point was that it does’t change anything for you even if you know you get 3 skill potions with Brelshaza which is at least like 3 months away. My question was purely because everywhere I looked people called Bridge the Tier 3 Tower.

I just wanted to know when my skill point blue-ball would go away.

nice. with 420 we can have 8x10 skill at level 54 !

They did go searching for it … On a forum for the game…

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I think there is one in the Rowen content, which is probably the closest we’ll get.

Rowen content is not today tho. Will probably come either at the very end of the year, or most likely early 2023.

Note that in KR they are using a special schedule when releasing content : They get a Roadmap for the next 3-4 months, get showered in content during 3-4 months, then get nothing 2 months and the cycle repeat. Rowen content has been release 2 months after Abrelshud Hard alongside with the early 2022 roadmap in December 2021 in KR.

Well. We probably won’t be getting Hard Brelshaza at the same time as Normal so probably even further away then. They might release Rowen before Hard though unless it’s somehow tied to the content that is needed from Hard Brelshaza.

Yeah we will not get Abrel Hard at the same time as Abrel, that’s for sure. Because Abrel Hard brings new tier of gear (Ancient) with all new content (Hanumatan and later Elgacia), basically 1540+ content. So I’m 99.99% sure we will not get Abrel Hard at the same time as normal.


Rowen is a PvP continent, it doesn’t bring any Vertical progression based content, it’s just about story and PvP. So I think they may release Rowen sooner. Like it’s possible they release Rowen BEFORE Abrelshud Hard. I’m speculating that they’ll release Rowen with Reaper. And Reaper could pretty well be the November class release. So my speculation is October = Abrel, then November will be Rowen + Reaper. Then I’m not sure if they will release any content at all in December, they might just fire Abrel Hard in January, or basically release Abrel Hard in early december and then take a break for 2 months (so no January/Feb update, Elgacia early in March).

There will be “new” class release every 2 months and in their eyes class is content so not really gonna be “no content”. Every 2 months should be September, November, January, March. Those will most likely be seperate from raids. I’d assume Clown in August and then Vykas Inferno/Hellmode in October. That would make Brelshaza Normal be in December and Hard in February or something. Then again Clown has Hellmode/Inferno so could be Clown in February and Hard Brelshaza in April. Depends if they want to stack class release with raid or not. So far they only did it for Valtan with Destroyer.

where is your september release ^^ ? I think September will be Scouter + Hell Vykas, and October will be Abrelshud normal. At least I hope it will be like this, as it should (but that’s my opinion I guess)