More skins or just Yoz Jar?

What was the rationale for releasing the RNG legendary skins so early in the game when we literally have only 3 other skins in the game so far? Are we getting more skins or just Yoz Jar?

I get its not so bad when we already have had loads of skins and can dismantle our old ones when we pick up new ones… but you are dripfeeding us skins at a crazy slow pace and now we get a rng one that realistically costs approx 500 USD. Wheres the logic here?

RNG skins is pretty disgusting…


That’s the answer.

“Who cares what they think or how they react? It’ll make money.”

Guessing you have to buy the cloth from the cash shop to use in the jar which gives you a selection of skins, you can then keep, sell or recycle it for a chance at a legendary

You guys are being silly. YOU WANTED MORE skins now they’re giving it to you at the price of $500 to finish the complete set :slight_smile:

you made it sound like they wont release more skins after this Yoz jar update…they will, summer skins probably will come out while this jar thing still going, legendary skins too expensive? dont buy them, its not like you cant play the game without it

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In KR it’s roughly $8 per roll and you can salavge the skin for cloth, but you need to salvage 2 skins to get enough cloth for another roll. Cloth can also be bough for blue crystals. I think it’s 100 crystals a roll

Sheesh, $8 per roll? But since you need 2 skins for an extra roll, that’s $16 for a free one. Just reading the cost of it makes me feel ill. And being able to use blue crystals makes it even worse with how shitty our economy is.

Don’t gamba it…buy it with gold.

Don’t expect a response. CMs have been avoiding all topics related to the legendary RNG skins because they likely won’t change anything for our release. Money is the answer to all of the complaints we have.

Sb correct if I am wrong but, arent the purple skins from the Jar, t1-t3 sets remade as skins? Like regular gear sets.