More than 12 characters

Hello, I see in the game that I have one more tab to add new characters to the 6 slots at the beginning but I want to know how I could have a third tab in case 12 is not enough, I love trying classes

maximum I mean is 18 Char slots currently in LA

I already read that you could do up to 18 but what I ask is how to get that third tab because at the moment I have two and I don’t know how to do it

Buy another character pass and third tab should open. If it does not we might be limited to 12 classes right now, but I am pretty sure it is 18 here as well.

AFAIK, we’re still at 12 max characters.

It’s a bug, I hope they fix soon, but I remember some lost ark staff responding to that bug some time ago

Not a bug.

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3rd row, totalling 18 character slots will be available on next update.

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Where did you hear this? Can you give us a link possibly?

Would be nice to know officially or if it is just a rumor. tyty

People’s hearsay, but let me see if I can find credible source.

Edit: nope.