More than a week, bots farming at the same spot, with the same names

I report them 4 times a day, for more than a week, it’s the same names, meaning without any troubles, the same 4 accounts have been farming this spot for a week at least.
Maybe you’re ok being taken as fools, morons, or whatever. But I am not.
They steal your money, you know what I don’t even care anymore. But they make my day less enjoyable, I’d like to be able to play without having to fight for my life each time I want to kill a mob.
So what about you use your millions and billions to hire 10 guys who do “daily quests” using the nice 300 bifrosts you can have to TP on the known bot spots, and kick them.


It’s disappointing that they can farm so long without being banned, even after several reports :confused:

The only way to really stop bots is to punish RMT extremly hard . Botters will always come up with new ideas (even though AGS did not really do a god job yet (e.g. no captcha, not enough bans), verified steam is easy if you just circulate some marketplace stuff around your bot accs I guess).

In the end botters are just a result of people who RMT cause they dont feel obliged to follow the rules and wanna get more for their $$/€€ than other p2w players that are using currency exchange to be legit.
IMO there is too much blame on botters and AGS not dealing with them and too little complains about the root problem - RMT.

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I got a mail from steam 2 days ago, someone tried to log with my steam account from russia, uh.
Never happened on steam in 15 years.

10 mins after, here you go, the guy admit he is using a 2nd account to “farm”. (read the chat)
The 2nd account is clearly on a macro bot mode.
You did it, everyone believe it’s ok.
Should I create 4 accounts and do this too? Seems ok.

Yup. I’ve been reporting bots every day since launch and I really am getting tired of this. I see them in the same spots (bot parties camping some nice respawn places), I see new ones questing/leveling even in late t2 (not saying they don’t exist in t3, but it’s way less of them there). Amazon never replies to my threads on forums, nor my tweets. It’s like they go by ‘if you ignore it for long enough - it stops being relevant’ rule.
It’s ok though, if they (amazon) continue this path, this game will soon die. Would be very sad but hey, what more can we do? we basically do their job for them and even then nothing changes.

When I talked with their support they said “we recommend against using another account” to me which means what? Will I get banned for it? why isn’t there any official statements about multiple accounts?

If your account is playing alone with macro keys and botting, yes you will be banned. (in 2 years to a century tho)

this is the second time i see someone report multiple bots for several days and they dont get banned.
idk seems reporting is kinda pointless unless it reaches a certain threshhold of reports
which makes sense because you cant punish everyone off of a single report

but on the other side how likely is it that bot nr 30182398 will get reported by more than 1 or 2 people when he is speedhacking teleporting his way to lvl 50. most of the time they are so fast you cant even click them

some of them don’t even teleport UNTIL you start trying to click on em.



‘Everything is fine.’