Morning Roxx. So About those Servers

OK ty

I look forward to my negative Pheon compensation

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In before the 160 Pheon in that Thanksgiving Turkey Pack was a mistake and everyone who bought it goes -160


Got dc-ed in Vykas raid and Chaos dungeon and game now say duplicate login detected.

Yes, yes. This was very hard to predict. Now AGS start monitoring and re-escalating this again until Christmas. Incompetent imbeciles lol…

If everyone is down with it, lets flood the thread with our screenshots? I guess it would be helpful to have a single point to post into.

POTENTIAL FIX, not POTENTIAL MAKE IT WORSE! Now i get dc 3/4 times in less than 5 min.

I will optimistically say it’s been awhile since my last crash


3 people in this Argos just disconnected.

2 Regulas 1 Elozwin

All 3 confirmed G9x0 on return.


Current AGS team status: “Monitoring and re-escalating”


Oh this is getting good.

This doesn’t happen to me with even 1/10 of this frequency and I’m still pretty annoyed. I wonder how you keep calm lol

For a chunk of the day it was good, just the last hour it’s been happening constant.

I did manage to get all my BR/Cube/Argos and Oreha done for the week :rofl:

Now to get jailed into every Legion Raid


Stillllll happening

Asta still unplayble since 3 Weeks same problems …
we can do our Weeklys Gold runs and not the dam daly Chaos runs …

wow thats a lot of new players! :slight_smile:

they must be enjoiying the game! =) and all sorceress. must be the best class =)

You still here?

For me worked using NoPing program, fixed all my issues with EAC and P1P2PT errors