Most Disrespected Engraving?

Disrespect > Grudge

SIGHT FOCUS!!!!! People hate fun.

Not sure if simply adding a macro to an ability constitutes fun but to each their own.

I mean technically if that’s your thing you can still add macro triggers to your class without running SF. People get real confused when my SH screams !!! every time she goes into Demonize.

Necromancy is the true OP that nobody knows about.

Where all my Propulsion 3 runners at?

i use disrespect, it’s good on week one clears when bosses have low hp for a long and bosses are usually harder when low hp in mmos

Disrespect has the same Problem like the Class Gunslinger. You do more HP when Boss HP is low. So if your group fail oftens its useless…

Spirit Absorption with Raid Captain as 4 and 5th Engraving is also very good but people prefer someone with 4 Engravings when 1 is Grudge…

So I had an idea for this one

I’m a FFXI veteran, and one of the things they had in that game was /echo

What that did was you saw text on the screen but ONLY you saw it

So of you did /echo Balls to the wall damage time yoloswag!!!

It would only show in your chat log, no one else sees it

It was great for macros and the such to show what you were pressing, maybe a reminder on timers for an ability or what abilities did or how long they lasted

And it annoyed no one else

If they implemented something like /echo into this game

It would make Sight Focus usuable

That would be pretty neat