Most durable class for solo rushed leveling (not for endgame, only to level 50)

I can’t choose for the first class to play.
I plan to rush and level up as fast as possible, not for endgame & not beyond level 50ish and I’m looking for a

  • durable character (I want to avoid dying as much as possible)
  • that can play solo (I won’t play with other people with this character so I don’t care for support benefits, and I won’t be doing pvp either).

I don’t mind a learning curve. I don’t care for flashiness/attractiveness, and I don’t mind skill cooldowns either, as long as it’s not squishy.

I think gunlancer is one class that fits this the most, but definitely open to other class suggestions, I’m really not sure.

any class is viable to get to lvl 50, this game isn’t hard even if you select Hard mode Dungeons.

Just pay attention to boss direction + mechanics, don’t try to just facetank everything this isn’t Diablo lol

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