Most Effective Anti-Bot tool: Do a short maintenance everyday

Just do a 30min maintenance every day. No one will complain. Maintenance works like a magic on BOTS problems.

Do you agree?

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Yeah… Here is a flaw with this. The servers take probably ~30-45mins just to go down, with backups included. And another ~45 or so mins to come back up, while still being on the side of if the turning on fails, there is a backup system so character files/items aren’t lost.

  • So it most likely isn’t possible for the server to just turn off, and back on within 30mins. Let alone having a team around, making sure it doesn’t happen to mess up, costs $.
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Oh, thank you for the informoation :grinning:

I mean, i’m just assuming they are like other games, from actual experience, it takes about that much time.

I used to play EVE Online. they do server Maintenance every day that’s why I think this can be worked on Lost Ark. However, EVE Online only has about 40K players.