Most fun content in game has the worst rewards

This started as a reply to something in another forum but felt like i wanted to give my feed back in a more visible way.

This is my opinion and no one can change that, i get fun is subjective but…

The most fun content in game has the worst rewards. Ghost ships and guardian raids have the worst rewards in the game, hell even dungeons have low item to gold ratio compared to infinite chaos. It just doesn’t make sense.
Ghost ship rewards are so bad I don’t run them anymore, its a shame because the content is really enjoyable.

Also something else that eats in to the fun personally for me is forcing alt runs. Why can’t we have 10 acount wide runs per day. That way we can do what individually interests us most rather than having to play alts. Not everyone likes running alts, personally I’d much rather play on my main.

You also have to do them twice a day it feels so tedious.

They should have double the rewards and only have to be completed once.

“But people would progress 10% faster we can’t have that” -_-


Right but more like 0.001% faster lol

I’d say keep running ghost ship. After 15 days you unlock the ghost ship which is prettyyyyy good!

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I unlocked the ghost ship, its pretty good only for ghost ship event which is once per week, other than that its a real trash compared to estoque and thats sad because it looks so good. I have them both level 5.

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Why can’t we have 10 acount wide runs per day. That way we can do what individually interests us most rather than having to play alts. Not everyone likes running alts, personally I’d much rather play on my main.

I’d rather just play my main too. However, they want you to make alts to spend more money on skins and other stuff from the shop.

Eiburns > Estoque.

Estoque is a great starter ship though.

Source: Have both at lvl 7.

I got screwed over last week ghost ship because I queued onto the 1370 ship with 3 other people. Basically since we didn’t have the Eberun’s Wound buff we couldn’t beat the boss before it went berzerk, and then since we “started” we all lost our weekly entry. This was incredibly frustrating.

How man, how? At level 5 Estoque is faster on normal speed, on sailing speed ghost ship is 1 knot faster and the resistances of estoque are much higher and balanced for normal sailing, how is ghost ship better?

Please explain because i want to use it :joy:

Its a good question, and at the end of the day its gonna vary from person to person.

In the endgame, we are basically forced to get Berald/Eiburns to increase our probability of completing 1370 ghost ship. Failing the event is pretty crushing, so imo Berald is a must.

Instead of spreading resources across sailors for multiple ships, I decided to all-in my coins on the Relic/Legendary Eiburns sailors. Combined with the Hermidas song, this allows me to get resistances up just enough to participate in every endgame sailing co-op.

Most of us are running Hermidas song skin as well for the + resistances and multi boost.

Fast sailing speed is increased more on the Eiburns than on the Estoque, so depending on your RNG the difference there is pretty negligible.

Eiburns has the unique benefit of losing -40 durability every time you boost instead of -20. Basically, this willl allow you to reach the 30% durability speed buff faster than other ships, and maintain it for longer due to it’s huge dead sea/tempest waters resistance.

When most other ships hit the low durability buff zone, they cant really maintain boosting through these two zones for very long. Eiburns don’t care though, and can comfortably remain from 0-30% durability for a long time without having to repair, even in these dangerous waters.

This buff increases base sailing speed and boosted sailing speed by I think around 1.5 - 2 knots, so once that durability buff kicks in you really start ripping.

All in all, the difference is fairly negligible and if you plan to go for the Astray anytime soon, its probably worth it to keep your estoq and save ur mats.

I went all in on ghostie though and I have no regrets. Astray is such a long way away for me anyways I’m happy with getting the full ghost crew.

Hope this helps


Hey, thanks for taking the time to explain all this even though i dont agree that its much better than Estoque even with your explanation, the siren seas resistance is basically non existant on Eiburn and it hurts a lot in these seas, also when in need of crossing most dead waters and tempest seas its faster to go around than to get the speed debuff and durability damage in my opinion. The durability damage that Eiburn takes every time it boosts is a con in my book, more need of repairs/more silver lost even if small amounts.
I got epic Berald from starlight island so thats gonna help a lot with the ghost ship but once again, its only once per week, who cares.

About Astray i couldnt care less, its too expensive to even bother right now.

About skins, i wish we had the option to get the stats without losing the original appearence, i love how the Eiburn looks. I got the orca skin with the shards because i used my crystals on card slots so i cant do missions with this because it locks the skills, it boosts 6 knots basic speed though in return.

In the end i believe as you said that its personal preference which one is better but overall Estoque with a skin can withstand all seas.

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Failed 2 early ghost ships and was really saddened by it being locked for a week. It is very uncommon now for failures on anything below 960, but this was earlier. The rewards are surprisingly low for that kind of an event.

Busting out the ghost crew man for one event and ship is a bit strange. Else its alll base ship time

Reading these, I don’t think I understand the Eiburn’s Wound buff. Are you talking just about the dead sea resistance? Does it matter during the ghost fight itself or does it matter only while you’re outside the ghost ship waiting in the dead sea?
Also, is it worth actually going for a specific ship at this rate, if the best sailors are ship specific and pretty expensive?

And to talk about this thread’s actual topic, I agree that ghost ships don’t really reward much, hell, I don’t even remember what I got the times I did them (the low ilvl one though).
But for the guardian raids, they should without a doubt raise the rewards. Chaos dungeons drop gems, gear, can be farmed even without aura and are absolutely mindless grindfests. Guardian raids actually require some brainpower and take some time, but all I can think of which they give more is tradeable leapstones. Yay…

I want to play on my main too, kind of sucks that the T3 guardians are a joke. I’m just waiting for the first legion raid release to be honest.

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