Most of people's issues with this game is mentality

90% of complaints are about being time gated or RNG gated or needing alts. You really dont need alts, it will take longer but you dont need them. If you are complaining about how you dont have enough time to play the game then stop expecting constant progression. You arent going to be able to compete with players who are playing 8+ hours a day, stop trying. Sure your RNG might be terrible, you know what that means? just a few more days of dailies, stop trying to speedrun the game if you dont have the time to commit to it. Odds are if you are just doing your dailies and logging off when you get bored, then you will actually reach a higher item level with less playtime. It will take more IRL days but servers arent shutting down any time soon. Its not really a game design flaw, things are meant to take longer and more effort the further into the game you get. If you dont think you have time for an alt, start doing your dailies every other day alternating between characters. The rest bonus makes up for whatever you missed the day before.

If you are mad other players are progressing further than you, you gotta ask why are you angry? theres not leaderboards and they dont affect your gameplay at all. Play at your own pace and you wont get frustrated.

P.S. Saving up your honing materials for days at a time so you only have 1 session of raging at honing. If you hone every day you will log off mad every day.