Most usefull/desirable classes out of …

Ive been trying to decide on an alt for like a week now but i am really torn between deathblade, shadowhunter Wardancer and maybe Striker. Focusing mainly on pve i want a class that is desirable in all groups at all stages of the game but that can do some really good consistent damage but also has a really good counter ability which is something that is important to me because i want you to be able to hit all counters so i feel of more use to a team. Id love to play a class that has all that to even be able to solo guardian raids but i am just unfamiliar with most of the classes kits aside from paladin which i play and Berserker which i do not yet want to play.

Wardancer is really fun and there is probably only 2-3% on most NA servers. Now disclaimer is that their dmg will be lower than most dps classes until the end of T3, but it is an investment of time. Focus on what you like the feel of and can stay alive with because smile gaite patches often. You aren’t typically locked in meta like most other games…best tank, best healer, best range and melee dps. You can find groups regardless. So want detruction and impariment…stagger or buffing? NA seems like everyone is playing assassin and sorc. i suggest you play what you find fun for long term play.


I second the wardancer suggestion. They’re highly sought after for end game raiding as most people don’t want to put in the time investment stated above.

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Yeah i have seriously been looking at wardancer recently, i dont really care about being top dps or anything but just enough to not feel useless snd also clear solo content nicely. So wardancer would provide a lot of impairment, stagger counter etc then, because i would love that?

I will be fine to hold out and wait for late endgame especially with it being an alt rather than my main so no rush to endgame for me there.

Has decent stagger. Some other classes offer more but it’s not bad.

Only thing I personally love and dislike about the wardancer is the long cooldowns, which become much less of an issue late end game.

It’s still fun to me pre late end game until I’m in chaos dungeons, but honestly… 10 minutes a day is the only time I’m not LOVING the class.

I might just go for it because i still have a powerpass and a other one yet to obtain so it allow me to properly test the class somewhat fully and how i will find it

To claify WD has semi-stagger and some buffs/debuff. Good impariment classes would be scrapper, aritllerist, and berzerker. I was just asking the question what did you want out of a class…