Mouse bug/input lag?

I have a question. Is there someone else who has the same “issue”? Every time i click once on the ground the arrows appearing twice , like the mouse is clicking twice but it is clearly not otherwise my character would run to the location my mouse would be like in the Video i posted below. I tried 4 different mouses and it´s always acting the same but somehow just in Lost Ark. Any other Game is fine. I know it´s not a big deal but it´s for some reason a little bit annoying.

I also checked my Mouse software + Windows Mouse Settings. Everything seemse okay.

Sounds like an issue with your mouse, just had that with mine. time for a new one

Isn’t it just flashing regularly indicating where you’re going?

If you get a map that zooms you way out I’m pretty sure it just keeps blinking until you reach there.

I tested like 4 different mouses and everyone were acting the same. I cant believe all mouses are broken or having issues.

i more or less have this problem of holding button n to move gets cancled for some reason only happen is LA no other game

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