Mouse input being interrupted

I hold down the mouse button to move towards cursor.
The game keeps ‘cutting out’ and the player stops moving even though I didn’t let go of the mouse button.
It takes a moment for it to register once I click again too.
Sometimes I release the mouse button and the game has me keep walking to the old mouse position.
This used used to happen once before, then stopped, now after last patch it is happening again.
There have been reports of this before too from other players.

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Been an issue since western launch. No one ever cared.
it’s always just, “verify your game files, check your internet connection, check your drivers, blah blah blah”.

It’s a real pain in raids, that require you to respond in less than a second.
Haven’t found or heard of a fix yet. Let me know, if you find one.

It seems like there’s generally some mouse click issues. e.g. I can right click on chat tab, and the menu will sometimes immediately disappear again. Other-times it stays open. There’s definitely some dodgy mouse handling going on.

I had it at launch. It was fine for months and months. Then just recently returned.

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I’ll start removing all the apps etc. see if I can find something that stops it. I’ll try a different USB port. A different mouse etc. I’ve coped so far, but I’ve been getting abuse for things that go wrong due to it, so got to try and figure it out.

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I’ve moved this over to the support section.

I was thinking my mouse was fine. No other applications appeared to show any issue. But I noticed that in game, the little blue ‘move to here’ display in LA would appear 1-5 times in rapid succession whenever I right clicked. And if I hold the mouse button down, I’d see the little blue ‘move to here’ animation play randomly while moving the mouse.

I then tested on a website to count clicks - and it also showed my mouse is multi-clicking or ghost clicking. But only on the right mouse button.

I tried a different mouse and the problem goes away.
No other evidence occurred in other applications or games, but definitely an issue with the plugged in USB mouse.

There is a chance it’s because the mouse is wired (the working ones I tested are wireless) - it could be a USB driver problem just for that mouse. Maybe it’s windows 10. Maybe it’s some other software issue.

But the problem is definitely happening in other apps now that I’ve had a better look. So I’ll switch to a working mouse.

My case is closed.


Glad to hear this is solved.

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