Mouse keeps disconnecting after patch?

I’m not sure if this is related to the patch or not, but my mouse randomly stops working since after the update. Had a few usb plugins randomly disconnect too during gameplay… Idk what’s going on or if this is a random driver issue that popped up

I’ve been having a similar issue for about a week now. Seems to only happen when I’ve been in Lost Ark for a long time (6+ hours - I pop in and out through the day, but keep the game going). I’ll hear Windows make a sound like a device has been disconnected and my mouse no longer works, but my keyboard still does. When I alt+tab out of Lost Ark my mouse immediately reconnects and works fine again. When I go back into Lost Ark after that my mouse will work for a short while and then disconnect again.

The amount of time the mouse works again in game seems proportional to how long I keep Lost Ark minimized, so I’m wondering if this is some sort of defense against bots? That’s what makes the most sense to me anyway.

I figured it was a mouse issue for me… and it was. Ended up buying a new one and things seemed just fine. Had that mouse for about 4 years so I guess it was its time

Bummer for me then lol, glad you got your issue resolved though!