Moving to EUW is a bad deal if you have a founders pack

I feel like the items they give you for moving is just not worth the move.
You loose all your chests, purchases and progress.
If we was given all our purchases on the other server and full replacement pack (excluding the aura and gems ofc) then it would be worth. And the twitch prime stuff too.

Maybe make the blue crystals account wide or offer a 1 time transfer of them?

That way we don’t loose out on anything and have an incentive to move. Otherwise it seems like you loose more for moving.

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And twitch drops

im simply not moving Region transfer is a must this is there fault not ours :smiley:

The crystal is account bound so you have them if you transfer region

Not the blue ones.

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Wierd cuz mine did

Dude the funniest part about those extra founders pack is that you can get another one even if you don’t transfer, imo opinion it’s a good reason not to move, you can have 2 instead of 1…

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Moving to EU-West is worth it mainly if you dislike queues and broken matchmaking. Otherwise the new region is for the new players so that they don’t have to stand in the crowded line which would make the queues worse for founders in EU-Cent.