Moving Tradeable Mounts/Skins to the new EU/W Region


Let me start off by saying I think this game is really cool and I see myself wanting to spend hours on it but this has been a mess of a launch. I’ve spent $200 dollars on this game already and I feel battered and beat down with road blocks from servers and Amazon’s practices about skins and mounts not being transferable.

I’ve done my part by not playing on EU/C due to high traffic and Amazon telling us to move servers. So I moved to US/E only to now have EU/W open up. If I would have known about this days before I would have saved ALL my packs. I’ve claimed the two founders packs and the Vanquisher starting pack to two different US/E servers before knowing about an EU/W region.

Now I’m stuck, Amazon’s policy of non transferable skins and mounts is archaic. I have them claimed but they aren’t added to the roster yet so I can trade them in the auction house but when I ask customer service if they could move them to my new home in EU/W (Moonkeep) I’m told they are non transferable. My initial Founders pack skins and Vanquisher skins/mount/pet are still in their treasure chests in my characters inventory. I’ve purposefully not claimed them to the roster in hopes one day you could transfer these unclaimed items to my new server.

Please Amazon, help make this right even if its for a limited time.