MS problems in random raid

speed test say 6 ping, lost ark say 1609 ping.

Yea sometimes happened to me as well in pvp and abyssal

if you’re not pinging the same server then doing the ping test isn’t very relevant.

use to check your ping to amazon servers (check the one for the server you’re playing on pretty much and it should be close to your in games average ping.

tho you can still spike in game and have other issues go on that will result in a variance from your average but showing a test on speedtest. net isn’t going to help you.

It’s not the only one that happens, I should go to 60ms and when I enter group instances it goes up to 1000ms, I was talking to Amazon and they passed me as a vpn but now instead of going up to 1000ms it only goes up at 200ms minimum it’s playable but I shouldn’t have to use any vpn with my internet connection