MSI Afterburner overlay detected as cheat

Hi all,
I’ve recently switched from one CPU and cooler to another. Currently I’m playing only Lost Ark so I decided to see how does it relate to a new CPU and how much load does the game puts on my new hardware.

MSI Afterburner is a program that helps you tweak and keep an eye on various things i.e. load on cpu/gpu/ram, their temperature and framerate.

Here’s how it looks like in my specification:

Obviously, this program is not a cheat. It is build to keep an eye on your PC performance, helps to track any issues that you might come across and helps you optimise performance of your PC.

Program is made by MicroStar International (MSI) who is known mostly from Motherboards, Graphics Cards and the program itself. MSI Afterburner is used in many aplications, from professionals to enthusiasts and big companies (EVGA, NVidia, Intel) so it is a legitimate program.

Now, to the point. Program is detected by anti-cheat software as a cheat and shuts down the game. How do I know it? Because before I swapped CPU I did not had anything from anti-cheat shutting down the game, but then I also didn’t used overlay. As soon as I swapped CPU’s and turn the overlay on, it showed me info that there’s an cheating program detected and the game shuts down. It took around 1/2 minutes after I turned overlay on. I did not formatted PC, I did not installed anything except drivers to my new cpu. Nothing else was changed.

Additionally, I also play Black Desert (around 4 years) which uses the same anti-cheat software and never had any issues with MSI Afterburner Overlay.

Can it be addressed please, as it is a useful thing to have and it is not a cheat.
If not, can I at least get any information why?
Thank you.

Hi there, I hope you are doing okay.

Have you tried a “clean boot”, I want us to be sure MSI is the software that’s being detected by EAC. We might have to escalate it with the devs, I can confirm that’s not normal. You can reach us via chat here: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Just in case, here is a guide on howto: How to perform a clean boot in Windows

I hope this helps, feel free to tag me if anything.

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idk what else you have running cuz my msi afterburner with riva tuner is fine

That’s the thing. I don’t run anything else. I only turned on the overlay as I wanted to see what temps are and it detected cheat. It kinda stopped now tbh, managed to play over an hour without any issues…

I think it was one time issue, as it went away. I managed to play for a while when overlay is on. I’ll do a clean install and if it will happen again, I’ll contact amazon games directly.

Thanks for help!

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Good to hear @LordWazon , best of lucks.


I’m having the same issue, and it started a couple of days ago. when i launch the game it is fine, but if i launch with MSI afterburner it just closes the game when i select a server.

It’s the same if i try to launch MSI afterburner AFTER i have launched the game and i’m already inside the game. it just exits the game. No code, no message, nothing.

I’ve had problems playing the game since launch with bad FPS, but when is tarted using MSI afterburner to tweak the fan speeds, and Intelligent Standby List Cleaner, to remove some of the load on my CPU from background stuff it made it so i could play my gunslinger again and enjoy it because i had stable good FPS.

I played like this for about two weeks, and suddenly a couple of days ago the game just shuts down.

all other games that i play works perfectly with the programs, and i can still play Lost Ark if i dont open the programs, but my enjoyment and effeciency will plummet due to lower FPS and stability.

I’ve verified game files like 10 times the past couple of days. No corrupt files.

EDIT: I fixed it by running STEAM as admin, because MSI Afterburner uses Admin mode it messed with the game when the game was not in admin mode.

Everything is running perfectly fine now <3

Running Steam in Admin mode fixed it for me <3