Msq bug suggestion

Hi, so i am one of the affected players by the bug of the missing main story quests that took place on Galatur 8 days ago.

Yes, 8 days without solution.

So after i played with my alts cause i didnt want to waste more time on my main since it is level stucked, i realised that maybe by using a powerpass on that account can overwrite the missing quests and put it like the other characters that are power passed. And yes i am saying we should have a free power pass to use it on our bug characters cause to be fair 8 days is more than enough to level 4 characters to lvl 50.

I already have 4 and i cant keep wasting a slot like that im missing a lot of mats by not being able to farm with that character (not to mention it is the character i used my founder pack on)

Please consider it cause honestly there is no information about that situation i text to the online chat every single day and all i get is “we are working on it”.