MSQ missing on Powerpass Characters

MSQ is missing on characters that used the Powerpass.
Server: Asta
Main Character: Ayukreizi (not bugged)

Powerpass bugged Characters:

Same thing here for me. Powerpassed on my second character, have Shushire at 30% completion for some reason, and no MSQ anywhere.

Server: Regulus
Character: Tyriah
Main: Velanor

@Seawolf - could you please look into the problem and help out?

It isn’t just the new character. My main character is missing the Vern MSQ as well.

I used the powerpass to get an alt as soon as I finished Ealyn’s gift. It automatically gave me a wolf mount that I never earned, and all the Vern main storyline quests are gone.

Also - it looks like I still only have 3 arks, even though now I’m doing quests in Shushire. I assume I missed getting the Vern ark ???