Mt. Zagoras breakable barrier needs a nerf, It's too hard

So, I believe most of you, fellow mokoko hunters have encountered this problem: The Breakable barrier in Mount zagoras, that has 3 mokoko seeds behind it.
I’ve tried to break it myself, and even watched videos where people spend an hour trying to break that thing… SGS what’s the point of this?
I work a steady job, and I’m not some degenerate nolife with 1200+ hours, and I don’t want to spend the 2 hours I play every day just trying to break this barrier.
This content needs to be nerfed in next patch.

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All you have to do is return to character select standing between the 2 barriers. You log back into your character and Spacebar past the barriers before they spawn on your client.

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You could also return when you’re T3 or better still bring your T3 guildies. I’m sure they’ll help out if you ask them. Btw this isn’t the only Mokoko seed barrier.

just dont then, feel free to skip the mokoko and come back later when you feel like being a “degenerate nolife with 1200 hours” who has decided to earn those 3 mokokos he can then trade for an entirely novelty based collectible system that wont get you anything relevant in the game whatsoever.

Its hard to believe that this is a serious post, so Ill give you the benefit of doubt and say “well trolled sir”, but the sad state of the community and the amount of ridiculous posts from the past has shown me, that this might actually be a serious post, in which case I feel sorry for you :slight_smile:

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Well trolled, sir. You got some bites.


Erm… pretty sure you do 1 damage only per hit to it regardless of your ilevel because it’s got like 9999999999 armor.


Yeah, it’s way too hard. You need at least a diamond pickaxe to break it.