Multiboxing, bots, cheating, grind, video

Brand new video just made it now.
I’m not going to pay any money for the developers in this game, until I see something like this.
-Its multiboxing, numerous bots working together.
-Cheating, since they stand at one place and -I got no clue how- They hitting the npcs BEFORE they even spawn. They die on spawn.
-Market is terrible, look at the thousands of materials on the AH from low level areas, and you see this is clearly the work of bots, while I try to grind one rare item to finish adventure’s tome they grind a whole screen with zero effort for hours.

It is clear that you got no way of getting rid of the bots. Until you do, I just play f2p and I really hope most of the players think just like me and protect their wallet from you.
You clearly don’t do a good work, so why should we pay for this terrible service.